About Me

Javier Gomez

Who’s behind the Healthy Living Simplified program?

After watching my family members die from preventable diseases, I quickly realized how heavily our lifestyle choices play into our health.

My name is Javier Gomez, and I believe exercise and food are the roots of prevention. I’m a health coach specializing in personal training in St Louis. With some help and support, I’m confident you can do anything.

If depression has caused you to want to give up on your health journey, or if you’re tired of avoiding social gatherings because of your size, there’s real help for you.

I’ve helped my clients lose hundreds of pounds, completely change their lives, and gain confidence and self-esteem they never knew were possible. Working with an expert weight loss coach and personal trainer will help you lose weight healthily and sustainably. I will give you the tools for successful weight loss and help you stay focused, motivated, and consistent.