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Against the Grain STL’s Best Weight Loss Program Yet

The journey to weight loss is not one size fits all. Your body and health needs are uniquely your own. That’s why we believe our program is the best weight loss fitness program in St. Louis. Our approach is to develop tailored plans to get you to the best shape of your life.

Our weight loss program consists of two packages. Your initial assessment will help determine which package is right for you. 

Initial Weight Loss Assessment 

Your dreams are on their way to becoming a reality at your initial visit. You’ll get to meet with your personal weight loss coach and share your health history, desires, favorite foods, least favorite foods, fears, and limitations. 

We will also talk about your vision for your health, weight loss history, and if you’ve ever worked with a personal trainer for weight loss before. Learning who you are and what kind of support you need is vital to us.  

Package 1: Weight Loss Coaching

Eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated. The amount of nutrition information available online is overwhelming. Your personal weight loss coach will provide you with simplified healthy living guidance that’s realistic to your lifestyle. 

You will get a custom meal plan that will be essential in helping you lose weight and keep it off. On your own, you’ll have the confidence to make healthy choices intuitively. 

After a few weeks of following your nutrition plan, your weight loss coach will meet with you twice a month for a 45-minute check-in. The check-ins help with accountability and see whether your meal plan is a good fit for your weight loss journey. You can feel free to share any concerns you might have about your nutrition and eating habits.  

Online weight loss coaching is also available  

If you have scheduling limitations, live out of town, or just prefer working on your weight loss plan from home, online weight loss coaching can make things easy and flexible for you.  Whether by Zoom, FaceTime, or phone, you can have everything package one offers at your virtual convenience.

Package 2: Weight Loss Coaching + Personal Training 

You’ll get everything described in package one coupled with personal training. 

The beauty of personal training is that it’s truly what it sounds like⸻it’s personal. We’ll design your workouts to meet the needs of you and your body. 

Personal training is recommended to you 2-3 times a week. Depending on your schedule, more or fewer sessions are available to you.  Each session lasts around 45-55 minutes.

Pairing good nutrition habits with resistance training will yield unbelievable results if you stick with it. We will work alongside you to keep you both motivated and accountable to get you to sustainable weight loss.

Currently, our program offers virtual weight loss coaching and not personal training.


Javier M Gomez
Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in weight loss

Against the Grain STL