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You’ve worked tirelessly at losing weight on your own. You’ve tried the latest diet trends, restricted calories, given up sweets, and followed countless fitness influencers. You’re moody, stressed, and frustrated, but your determination won’t allow you to give up. All you want is to look better, feel more energized, and finally, keep the weight off for good. This work doesn’t have to be done all on your own.

Who We Are

Against the Grain STL is an STL weight loss company that unites with you to jumpstart your weight loss journey. A personal trainer and nutrition weight loss coach will build a sustainable eating plan and fitness routine that boosts fat burn, afterburn, and metabolic flexibility—giving you the body transformation you’ve always wanted.

We know that your body has unique needs. With our program, you will get custom nutrition guidance that makes sense for you and your body. 

We will help switch your mindset from focusing on the foods you can’t eat to embracing the foods you can eat and enjoy.

Learn tips and tricks to eat healthily and mindfully for a lifetime and not just for the short term. You’ll feel empowered to adopt an eating pattern that provides nourishing foods you never thought could taste so good.

Who is Behind the Program?

My name is Javier Gomez. I’m a holistic health coach specializing in weight loss and the best personal trainer in St. Louis. I will give you the tools for successful weight loss to help you stay focused, motivated, and consistent. Working with an expert weight loss coach and personal trainer will help you lose weight in a sustainable way.

How it Will Change Your Life

There’s a lot you can gain from weight loss. Imagine getting better sleep and feeling more energized throughout your day. Picture your life with less stress and more positive feelings about your body. Take back your self-esteem and confidence and restore the belief that you’re capable of anything.

Losing weight can improve your mood, pain, anxiety, cholesterol levels, inflammation and help you get off some of your medications by recommendation of your health provider. Experience a complete lifestyle transformation that will radically change your health for the better.

Start achieving your goals today by booking a free consultation at 314-305-0719.

Weight Loss St. Louis

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Javier Gomez

Holistic Health Practitioner Specializing In Weight Loss

Personal Trainer for more than a Decade

AADP Board Certified Health Coach Specializing in Weight Loss

Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Culinary Arts Graduate

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